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In 2014, following a decade of program design, management and facilitation, our founder incorporated Applied Knowledge LLC, a full service training and management consultancy specialising in the field of education.


Applied Knowledge integrates best practices from group development, experiential learning, and empowerment principles to create unique and highly impactful programs for participants of all professional levels and backgrounds.


We believe greatness is achieved through rigorous training and diligent practice. We partner with public, private and nonprofit institutions that are committed to the pursuit of excellence and value personnel development as a core ingredient to business success.


Abdul-Qawiy Abdul-Karim, MPA


Master facilitator, curriculum writer and program developer, Abdul-Qawiy (Cow-Wee) Abdul-Karim is a career educator. He has partnered with notable public, private and nonprofit organizations creating programs that have reached thousands in the NYC and DC areas.


Mr. Abdul-Karim works with clients at all professional and personal levels, specializing in team development, direct service programs, and young adult education. He has served as a middle and high school teacher in NYC schools and as a lecturer and Adjunct at several CUNY colleges.

In 2014 Mr. Abdul-Karim incorporated Applied Knowledge LLC where he provides professional development and continues to design educational programs. Mr. Abdul-Karim continues to work with schools and organizations delivering trainings and designing programs to strengthen institutions across New York.  

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